Sports bra wholesale manufacturer choose Jie Jin - stylish and comfortable

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Update time : 2021-09-16 15:11:54
Are you looking for a sports bra wholesale manufacturer? Do you want to find a good manufacturer in terms of price, quality and service? Here, I recommend Dongguan Jiejin, a activewear manufacturer with more than 12 years of production experience.

The purpose of exercise is to make yourself more beautiful, confident and healthy. First of all, good sports equipment will stimulate our psychology. A woman's chest is located on the pectoralis major muscle, which is mainly composed of fat, breast and connective tissue. The suspended ligament supports the chest. Any strenuous exercise of the chest during exercise will stretch and tighten these ligament tissues. Like a spring, if the stretching range exceeds its elastic range, the elasticity will be damaged a lot. The result of suspensory ligament injury is relaxation or sagging of the chest. Moreover, people will sweat a lot during exercise. The heat and sweat are concentrated in the semi enclosed space surrounded by chest and underwear, which will make people very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate sports bra. We should consider the elasticity, moisture absorption and perspiration of the fabric. 


As a professional sports bra wholesale manufacturer, we provide customers with customized sports bra services integrating functionality, comfort and fashion. At the same time, we also have many ready-to-go designs for customers to choose.

Sports bra wholesale manufacturer choose Jie Jin, We have established long-term and good relations with famous brands in the world base on our excellent services, reasonal prices and have very good reputation. You can customize your private label, various sizes, various colors. Customization and consultation are welcome.