How to clean and care your yoga pants?

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Update time : 2021-10-21 15:02:49
Now many people throw yoga pants directly into the washing machine for convenience and saving time. This is wrong and will greatly reduce the service life of yoga pants. For example, some yoga pants made of bamboo fiber or modal material are relatively mild. They can't be washed by machine and need to be washed by hand.

Now there are more and more kinds of yoga pants, each of which has corresponding maintenance methods. When cleaning, you must see the washing instructions. However, it's a little troublesome to clean each pants according to different methods. Today, yoga leggings wholesale manufacturer Jie Jin will share with you some cleaning rules applicable to various situations.

1. Wash your yoga pants with cold water. It can prevent color fading, shrinkage and fabric cracking. Do not use a dryer because it will weaken the life of the material.
2. Turn over the yoga pants made of natural materials for cleaning, which will reduce the friction with other clothes.
3. Avoid using Fabric Softeners - especially pants made of synthetic materials. It will make your yoga pants softer, but the chemicals in the softener will reduce the moisture absorption of the material and hinder the air permeability.
4. Choose high-quality detergent. In particular, synthetic fabrics are very easy to produce strange smell after sweating, and ordinary detergents are often useless. On the contrary, if washed improperly, the residual detergent will block the odor inside the fabric and even cause skin allergy.

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