Exhibition Review - Dongguan Jiejin 2022 Shenzhen Nanjing International Outdoor Sports Expo

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Update time : 2022-08-04 09:49:51
In the hot summer, if you want to go shopping or outdoor sports, you are afraid of the heat. So, while enjoying the air conditioning, you can experience the current popular outdoor sports, and at the same time, you can have a look at the current popular outdoor sports clothes. Isn't it pleasant? From July 25 to 31, Dongguan Jiejin participated in Shenzhen outdoor sports Expo and ISPO Nanjing exhibition respectively. Let's review briefly~

1. Outdoor Shenzhen International Outdoor Sports Expo (7.25-7.27)
As a large-scale outdoor sports experience exhibition, different types of sports experience areas are set up on site, including the super large pool to experience the stimulation of water paddle racing, Frisbee area's Frisbee interaction and graffiti experience, golf trial area, etc. Under the luangfeng tent with a large array of 200 square meters of Yequ stack, the audience can feel the outdoor leisure, experience all kinds of exquisite camping equipment and supplies, and experience outdoor movies, which can definitely meet all your imagination of outdoor sports.

2. ISPO Nanjing 2022 sporting goods and fashion exhibition (7.29-7.31)
Nearly 350 domestic and foreign brands from more than 200 exhibitors in camping, outdoor, water sports, running, sports training, ice and snow, sports technology and new materials and other fields gathered at the exhibition site to show the development potential of the sports life industry and bring remarkable brand, product and technology innovation and application.

Dongguan Jiejin, which has been focusing on sportswear for 15 years, cannot miss such an industry event. Therefore, we brought the latest designed sportswear such as yoga wear, swimsuits, jogger pants, T-shirts and the attitude of communicating and learning with our peers to the exhibition site. While displaying our new products, we understood the real needs of customers, so that we could better meet the needs of customers in product design, innovation and development.

Our advantages
7-day rapid proofing; Delivery within 15-25 days; One to one professional service throughout the whole process; MOQ 1 PCS / logo can be added; With rich categories, exquisite workmanship and guaranteed after-sales service, the products have passed BSCI, ISO9001, Disney and Adidas certification. Too many products can not be displayed in the exhibition to undertake all kinds of knitted / woven clothing; Yoga clothes, swimsuits, jogger pants, T-Shirts, categories involve men's, women's and children's clothing. Welcome customers and friends to our company to discuss cooperation, visit and investigate, and create a win-win situation!