Women's Woven Sports Shorts Series

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Update time : 2022-08-23 15:46:06
According to statistics, extreme high temperatures have occurred in hundreds of regions in dozens of countries in the world this year, and may occur more frequently in the future. Here, we call on everyone to travel green, live green and reduce carbon emissions. In this year's high temperature environment, Jiejin's women's shorts series are very popular, indoor or outdoor, playing fitness and running training scenes.

Today, I'd like to introduce one of our hot pieces -- women's woven sports shorts. It's light and cool, which are very suitable for summer wear. The simple profile contains rich design details, such as the hip zipper split design, the fake two-piece design, the back waist zipper pocket design, the reflective strip design, the mesh splicing design, the inner pocket of the pants and other details, These detailed designs not only have practical functions, such as perspiration and ventilation, storage, etc., but also increase the design point, improve the quality sense, and are more popular.
Women's Woven Sports Shorts No.1
These sports shorts are characterized by soft touch, light and breathable, good-bye to stickiness, elastic on all sides, and a pocket inside to store mobile phones or other items.

Women's Woven Sports Shorts No.2
Chessboard printed shorts with drawstring. This short is characterized by a split design, which makes it more comfortable during sports and improves the visual proportion; The fabric is soft, comfortable and breathable; Matching pocket for personal belongings and drawcord for adjustable waist size

Women's Woven Sports Shorts No.3
It is also a 2 in 1 design with split sides. It is suitable for sports and leisure.

It can be found that the foot openings of the above three women's Woven sports shorts are all of split design, which mainly plays the role of facilitating the running movement. When the thighs start to move, the trouser legs can not drag or hinder the movement of the thighs. Therefore, the foot opening of running shorts is usually designed with a split triangle. We can also carry out various designs based on the split design, such as the splicing of woven belts, printed fabrics, transparent materials, reflective strip decoration, laser cutting and other designs, which improves the design sense of simple profile.

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