Speckles Full Printing Series Reflective Leggings In Stock

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Update time : 2021-12-03 15:24:37
In recent years, yoga pants do not seem to be exclusive for sports venues. More and more girls wear yoga clothes out of the street. Wearing yoga pants in non sports venues seems to have become a popular fashion.

Today, we will recommend several new speckles full printing series reflective leggings in European and American countries. It's like printing the stars on yoga pants. Let you know that yoga pants are not only versatile, comfortable, lightweight, but also cool. That sounds interesting, doesn't it?

The speckles full printing series reflective leggings are mainly made of 73 / 27 polyester Lycra fabric, with three styles: 7/8 yoga leggings with side pockets, 7/8 yoga leggings without side pockets and crop length with side pockets; Printed with reflective silver, reflective black, golden, rose golden, high waist elastic fabric design, while lifting the hips and shaping the body, hot stamping shiny reflective spots make this yoga pants cool. It is suitable for yoga, Pilates, fitness, dance, running, leisure and other scenes to make your clothes different.

1. Slim fit, relaxed and comfortable

2. Pocket design for convenient storage

3.Elastic fabric, stretch freely without binding

Such simple, convenient, cool and slim reflective leggings are worth having. The most important thing is that the price is affordable, which is the price directly supplied by the manufacturer. Let's see the effect of the model try on~

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